Empowering the property industries through innovative tools underpinned by data

Like all the best products, SeracTech was initially built as a solution to our own problem: too many hours spent searching across dozens of local authority planning systems. We quickly realised that many others shared our frustrations.

Our Vision Is to be the number one go to for everything construction and property; to build a data driven, all-encompassing platform that facilitates the ease of connection and communication between stakeholders.

Our values


Ways of working are forever changing, we innovate and invent these processes. We are constantly questioning the ways in which the industry works and innovating solutions to streamline processes.

Customers first

We strive to obsess over ensuring our customers succeed. If we ensure our customers do well, we all do well. Simple.


We have only just got started and there is plenty more to be done. We are passionate about reshaping the norms whilst developing new products and that is what drives us.


We know that team work makes the dream work. That's why we hire the best talent to join our team. Passion, drive, collaboration and trust are key attributes to our culture.