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Are you looking for development sites? Perhaps you look for specifically consented sites or those particularly difficult refused schemes? We know that formatting outreach letters is tedious. Use our platform to automate that process, including timed follow-ups.

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Serac Tech gathers and tracks planning applications from over 400 council portals across the UK every week. Set your search as wide or as local as you need, then filter for the right types of opportunity.

On Tuesday evening, The One Show showcased the inspiring success story of recent Old Millhillian, Brandon Johnson – one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the UK.Having started out buying and selling bullion coins, Brandon grew from success to success and is now nearing the completion of two semi-detached houses. All by the age of 19. Having returned to our School to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, Brandon paid tribute to the lessons learned both at home and in school that have led to his success.While at Mill Hill, he participated in the Young Enterprise Tenner Challenge, and with the support of our Head, Mrs Jane Sanchez, launched a business selling water at Allianz Park, raising more than £1,000 for charity. Mrs Sanchez had the following to say: “I was impressed by Brandon the very first time I met him during his entry interview. I distinctly remember how excited he got as he told me about his silver coin business – to see where his drive and determination have taken him makes me extremely proud and I am happy to have supported him on his journey.”In speaking with our pupils, Brandon shared how he embraced the opportunity to start small and grow. He spoke confidently about how a challenge is just something you have to overcome on the way to success. As resilience, passion and focus are celebrated as key traits for success in the 21st Century, Brandon’s story provides the perfect evidence.  His parting words to our pupils – “trust your instincts, don’t let anyone put you down. Age is just a number.”