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Learning and development

We believe in being the best versions of ourselves here at Serac Tech. Through 1-1 learning and development sessions, we empower you to excel in your role and achieve your goals. Whether it is personal development or development within your role, we constantly push to achieve more. We help you exceed with your personal and professional goals. 

Company Culture

We are a dynamic and results driven company. We have a supportive, customer centric driven culture where our employees experience great benefits in and out of the role. It’s a true work hard play hard environment and there’s always something to get involved in whether it's a day out at Thorpe Park, tennis in Regents Park or competition incentives. 

Reward and recognition

We recognise hard work and we are thankful for it. Hard work underpins success and recognising that in the form of prizes and promotions is key. Whether that’s a Deliveroo voucher for two, tickets to a football match, a spa day, flying lesson or a holiday, we like to let you know you’re appreciated and see you winning!

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Click me - Software Engineer

We’re a dynamic, tenacious and ambitious startup and we’re looking for engineers to come on board and join our team in taking Serac to the next level! We are seeking a highly ambitious Full-Stack Developer to join our team.

Click me - Business Development Role

We are looking for someone extremely driven, enthusiastic and resilient to join our young, fun and dynamic sales team and to be a huge part of our unique culture and tech revolution!

Click me - Sales Role

We are looking for someone extremely driven, enthusiastic and resilient to join our young, fun and dynamic sales team and to be a huge part of our unique culture and tech revolution!

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Why you'll love working at Serac Tech

Team Trips

You only live once so do as much as you can... We travel often, for fun

Unique Incentives

Comptetition is key to driving each other and fun incentives help this

Team Lunches

Thai? Italian? Japanese? Greek? Spanish? We have all the choices in our prime location.

On-The-Job Training

We provide you with frequent on-the-job training so you are up to speed fast.

Unlimited Holiday

That's right... as it says on the tin.


Apple and ginger is our favourite

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London based startup, Serac Technologies, is on a mission to be the number one go-to platform for everything construction and property. With 500% revenue growth over the last 18 months, they’re the leading supplier of planning data in the UK and the platform facilitates the ease of connection and communication between stakeholders.The 40-person company joined Otta in August 2023 to grow their commercial and engineering teams. On Pro, Serac Tech hired at incredible speed to increase headcount by a third, without compromising on the quality of hires and diversity.The success meant Serac Tech could consolidate their hiring stack, and Otta became one of the main recruitment tools for all functions across the business.The challenge: To hire at scaleIt was crucial for Serac Tech, an early stage business, to widen their reach and showcase their employer brand to attract the top, mission-aligned candidates. With a lean single-person talent team, they were looking for an efficient and effective way to scale the company’s hiring.“We’d tried other job boards and hiring solutions, but the results we saw on Otta were superior to other platforms we had used. Others in the market didn’t generate the necessary volume or quality of applications, limiting our ability to scale the team”Mike Taylor, Talent at Serac Tech. Serac Tech saw instant success on Otta, making 10 commercial and engineering hires within 6 months.With limited capacity in the talent team, the company needed to lean into inbound applications in order to save time. Otta’s matching helped them achieve this, doing the heavy lifting so the right candidates were able to discover and apply to Serac Tech’s roles.Crucially, the strong inbound application channel worked even for the most competitive roles. Mike saw an opportunity to hire more female technical talent as they built out the team, but these candidates are generally trickier to attract and engage in the market.“We hired a female engineer via inbound applications within a month of posting the job description on Otta.”“Otta makes hiring for roles less like searching for a needle in a haystack and more like picking the best fruit from the talent tree”. As well as providing access to top-tier candidates, Serac Tech partnered closely with their dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). Quarterly Business Reviews, monthly meetings and regular contact in between helped to successfully optimise and inclusively position the job descriptions, with 70% of inbound applications coming from an underrepresented group.“I definitely wouldn't have been efficient enough if it wasn't for the work of our CSM. For someone who's working by themselves and trying to scale very quickly, it was immensely helpful to have their perspective around where we can improve on positioning our jobs”Mike Taylor, Talent at Serac TechWe’re looking forward to helping them continue to hire talent as they continue to grow the team.