Are Physical Letters Outdated?
Tips & Tricks

Maybe, but not in the construction and property world.

Gone are the days where getting in touch with a friend via letter is a norm. Now we have social media and a phone for that, however letters are still a proven way to win contracts in the construction and property world.

Why are SeracTech outreaches so successful?

Any form of marketing is successful when it's done right, and we know that. Using SeracTech to send letters out ensures that a letter is landing on the doorstep of a potential customer that has been pre qualified and is motivated at that point in time to buy your products or services

When marketing and sending letters, the most important things are timing, persistence and making them stand out. SeracTech ensures that you keep track of all the letters you have sent out so that you know what opportunities you are trying to win. Having all of your outreaches in one place is key to organisation and staying on top of your marketing activities.

Persistence. How does SeracTech help with this?

We track the applications for you and autogenerate a personalised follow up. For instance; send an initial outreach when an application has been submitted, and schedule a follow up 3 weeks later, or upon a decision like an approval. This is a proven method of increasing response rates and maximising your chances of winning the business.

It's the small details that make the difference...

The personalised follow up's add just that human and caring element into each outreach, something our algorithms have mastered which will put you miles ahead of your competition.

Things like printing the date on letters, formatting the address correctly with piece of mind there will be 0 spelling errors...

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