Can Working Less Hours Be More Productive?
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With many of us excitedly racing out of the office or the construction site early today to watch the England V Germany game, the real question is…. are we being more productive, knowing we have a shorter workday? 

Here at Serac Tech, knowing we have a slightly shorter work day makes us work smarter not harder and longer! Studies have shown that productivity declines when employees work more than 50 hours per week, and for those employees who work more than 55 hours a week, those extra hours become pointless. Being too busy and overwhelmed have proven to be barriers for success whereas being time efficient has proven to be more effective in relation to achieving objectives successfully. 

How are we at Serac Tech doing this? 

  • Setting clear and achievable goals and objectives within a given time frame - doing this can ensure you are realistically achieving your daily objectives.

  • Doing one task at a time - this can ensure that you are not overwhelming yourself by trying to complete multiple tasks at once which in turn, adds to your stress levels and makes you less productive because you are not solely focused on each individual task. 

  • Prioritising the most important tasks - write down a list of all your tasks from most important to least, review each task and then give yourself a realistic time frame of when to complete it by. 

  • Blocking out time in your work day for admin tasks - whilst having back to back meetings in the calendar is great, it may mean you don’t get a chance to do the admin tasks you’ve been putting off. Blocking out some time for yourself within your workday to do these tasks can ensure that you stay organised which can increase productivity.

These tips can help you work smarter not harder in any work environment, which in essence will help you boost your productivity throughout your workday and feel more satisfied at the end of it. This also encourages you to have more freetime outside of the workplace such as spending time with family, exercising and being creative which leads to a happier mind and body which can in turn, prepare you for your next productive and potentially shorter working day!

How Serac Tech Helps People In Construction and Property Development Work Smart 

Our platform allows construction companies and developers to filter exactly which jobs they want to view across an exponentially large national database. At the touch of a button, you are in direct contact with potential customers - you don't have to wait for them to find you! Our system also helps you have a search criteria and automated sales outreach letters tailored completely to you and your profession. Our massively time saving tool allows our customers to work smart too! They can spend that extra time with their family, to exercise, and most importantly, to watch the England game! 

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