How Did SeracTech Start?

How Did SeracTech Start?

We know our 'Why'

'Why we do what we do' - a question many businesses ask themselves. Well we do what we do because we've been there, we found a frustration and we innovated a solution. Now is the time where we share that and invite others to adopt our winning strategy.

Where did it all begin?

It began trawling through planning applications, looking for the few that were relevant to us. We very quickly realised that the process could be streamlined, so we decided to dive straight in and do it.

Our problem was trawling through the many irrelevant applications, looking for the right ones and then using the information to form letters in order to reach out to new prospective jobs.

We knew that many other businesses also did this same process, as it works well, but in order for us to have the competitive edge we had to innovate a quicker way around it.

And then we turned to algorithms...

We used our knowhow and knowledge of software development to design a product that automated this process and then ended up going that extra mile. We not only built a solution for our initial need, we also adapted and built various other versions to suit the needs of other segments of the industry.

We realised that the solution we designed could not only help us, but also many others in all different trades. We spent a lot of time thinking of all the possible scenarios and applications for our solution and designed SeracTech to each one.

The end result was launched in October 2020 as Version 1 (V1) and we have not stoped there.

Where are we heading?

After months of the team working very hard developing our V1, we had to stop somewhere in order to get our product launched. That said, we've got years ahead of us in terms of new useful features to release. Our development team are working overtime putting together these new features in order to grow the strength of our software

We see ourselves in the years ahead becoming the go-to software company for everything property and construction, from home improvement concept, all the way through to project completion and absolutely everything in between. We are inventing methods of work that have never been done before and we will be changing the industry norms.

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