Is Construction At Capacity During The Pandemic?

Everyone seems to be busy and applications are flooding local authorities...

With the country in lockdown, shops and borders closed and the furlough scheme in place everyone now is spending more time at home than ever. We have noticed and recorded a noticeable increase in the number of household applications not only being processed, but also being approved.

We took our research further and started to speak to our customers.

We asked our customers, ranging from flooring suppliers to home extension specialists how their workload looked throughout the period - the general response? Well yes, it was aligned with the increase in applications; it is and has been a busy time for many.

With a huge number of people now working from home, it is quite natural to start looking around and wanting to make changes to the spaces we live and work in.

All types of household applications have been on the rise, from works to a TPO'd tree in a conservation area, all the way up to the construction of large development sites.

This increase in demand on the construction industry has meant that many find themselves very busy getting everyones projects completed.

Moving forward?

We've been speaking to our customers, partners and amongst ourselves and we think that as people start moving back to the office and transition back into pre pandemic life there will be a decrease in the number of new home improvement projects. Even if you find yourself busy not, it is beneficial to have a chat with one of our team to establish a plan to get in new work, should you need it in the future.

Did Brexit have an effect?

We have a number of excellent customers whom supply materials in the construction industry. New import legislation, which has changed the rates of duties, has increased the price of some materials, making them more expensive.

This increase in so called 'red-tape' has slowed down deliveries and effected some supply chains in the industry, and contractors have felt the hit. Added to this is the increase in measures taken by the Government on COVID screening measures in order for hauliers to enter the UK.

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