Making Opportunities For YOU with Serac Tech
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Here at Serac Tech, we tailor our work to our customers’ needs and requirements so they can generate the best possible value out of using our product. 

Here at Serac Tech we can help 100 different trades within the construction industry! We can personalise the experience of each and every customer no matter what your trade is. Whether you are a window fitter, general contractor, security gate fitter - we’ve got you covered! 

Our tailored approach has many different features that form around your trade to ensure a refined and detailed searching process: 

  1. Timings: Whether you are a carpet fitter who typically reaches out to people once their planning application has been approved, or a general contractor who reaches out to prospective clients before a planning application has been granted, we know timing is key. That is why we have the function on our website to send out letters at a time that suits your trade at the various stages of work being carried out at a property. 

  1. Key Words: We are aware all jobs vary, whether that is a single storey, double storey or wrap around extension. We've got you covered! Our system allows you to put in any key words to make your search for opportunities completely tailored to the work you do. For example this may include, rear extension, security gates or loft conversion. All the job opportunities that are relevant to the key word will show up in the opportunity search.

  1. Excluded Words: We also have the functionality to have excluded keywords to make a search even more refined. This also allows our customers to identify what specific jobs they may not want to see coming up in the opportunities.

  1. Letters Design /Letter Content: Our letter design process is yet another feature that allows specific customisation and attention to detail. Our customer success team helps design, create and enhance company letters. The team can also add features to letters to make letters stand out like a QR code and personalised envelopes. We know every customer is different and will have different requirements. Our customer success team is able to work with all kinds of customers and each approach can be personalised depending on the customer. 

Here at Serac Tech we understand how important it is to cater for all kinds of customers and businesses and therefore, it is our mission to be able to tailor our services as much as possible so each customer can have their own personalised and successful experience with us and equally, so they can achieve their specific sales and marketing goals effectively. 

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