Our Advice On Successful Marketing Material
Tips & Tricks

We say keep it simple but targeted.

Marketing is ultimately a numbers game, that is a well known thing. As technology has developed, it has changed many things including the way we advertise. Serac Tech enables what we call 'Perfectly Targeted' advertising within the construction and property industry. As you'll know we do this by enabling our customers to reach qualified leads within minutes, automating the process of sending a personalised letter to gain new work.

The content of the marketing is important, but it does not stop there...

A letter is used to illustrate why you are getting in touch and to portray a message. The design, feel and appearance of the letter is just as, if not more important than the words. We work with our customers hand in hand to ensure their approach to outreach is unique and strategic.

We start with the letterhead design, this usually includes things like a company's logo, contact details, company details and accreditation. Once we have this made up and uploaded onto Serac Tech, we then turn our attention to putting together the content of the letter itself. We recommend keeping it simple and to the point.

This comes in 2 phases. An initial outreach phase and then a follow up phase. Serac Tech allows our customers to set their phases at any required times throughout the planning process. The earliest would be the week of submission (validation) and the last week would be 8 weeks after a decision (approved, refused & withdrawn).

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