Serac Tech Partners With Give It Away

We wanted to dedicate this blog post to talk about an amazing charity that we have partnered with - Give It Away.

A charity that gives 100% of its profits from property building projects to children and young adults in need. Their work is based in the Wandsworth and London areas. 

How Did It Begin?

The charity was founded in 2005 by Charlotte Grobien OBE, a resident of Putney who went on to develop and build two houses on Putney Heath which was then followed by the development of another house in West Putney

Charlotte focuses on the task of “maximising” the profits from the properties sold and is responsible for decisions regarding the interior, the layouts and the finishes of all the properties.

The charities that are chosen are ones that are receiving little or no statutory funding grants and predominantly rely on funding from the public to carry out their activities. Charlotte maintains a close relationship with her chosen charities which enables her to see the difference she is making and choose what the profits are being put towards.

Give It Away’s Mission

To make a positive difference to young lives who are living with disability, injury, disadvantaged circumstances or who lack social and educational opportunity. 

With more properties underway, the charity is aiming to reach their £2 million figure with some more fundraising, hard work and determination. 

So, How and Why has Serac Tech partnered with Give It Away? 

It’s simple. We help Give It Away’s Mission happen! We have partnered with this amazing charity as our algorithms and software allow for both general building contractors and property developers to actively search for work in an extremely time efficient manner. 

Knowing that we can easily assist with the acquiring of property developments  through our platform, we felt obliged to help Charlotte and Give It Away. All money earnt through the development will in turn be donated and not a single penny will be put into a pocket. Being a big part of Give It Away’s journey and mission is incredibly important and equally rewarding to us here at Serac Tech. We help Charlotte Grobien and Giv it Away search Wandsworth and Sutton’s... planning portals in order to identify off market land and development sites. 

SeracTech - Our massively time saving tool assists with general building contractors or developers actively searching for work. We provide sales opportunities and tailor those opportunities specifically to each customer. Our customers can view jobs which are relevant to what they do, where they work and at which stage of the planning process this occurs. 

Ultimately, Serac Tech loved the idea of partnering with Give It Away as our system will have a direct positive knock on effect for the charity itself and assist in having Give It Away with their tremendous goal of £2 Million....

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