Serac Tech Top Tips For Managing A construction Site
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Serac Tech Top Tips For Managing A construction Site

Whilst managing a construction project can be complex, time-consuming and an overall exhaustive process, we have chosen some of our top tips to ensure the management of a construction project is a smooth running and streamlined process. Whilst there are so many tips involved within the process, our Serac Tech team of professionals have selected a few that are essential throughout the entire operation.

Communicate Effectively 

The correct communication tools and skills are essential to ensure everyone is kept in the loop and understands their roles and responsibilities so that the build is kept on track. This will be a combination of on-site and off-site meetings, phone calls, emails and app based communications, backed up by a centralised file storage with easy access to project plans and documentation. It is essential that this is kept on top of and up-to-date in order to have that effective communication.

Collaborate and Delegate

Construction projects are notoriously known for having a variety of critical elements involved within the building project. Having a single person manage the entirety of a construction project could result in failure to successfully keep on track of the project, oversee activities and manage tasks.

The importance of delegating and collaborating effectively is key to avoiding this issue. One team member may pick up on something another missed, which can avoid a single worker feeling overwhelmed by an unmanageable amount of tasks. 


Increase your on-site presence 

It is vital not to underestimate the importance of your presence on site! Taking an interest in the progress of the build by making regular site visits or rolling up your sleeves and getting involved will demonstrate your own passion for the project and provide a sense of purpose, motivation and morale to the rest of the team. This in turn will increase the rest of the team's productivity and allow the project to be more smooth-sailing. 

Prioritize Employees’ Safety 

Safety should always be the number one priority regardless of the type or the budget of your project. Nothing is more important than human life and that’s something that project managers are the most important aspect of a construction site. 

Avoid using shortcuts, verify installed braces, and use recommended construction equipment as oversights and negligence can cause serious harm to your employees or passersby, resulting in a legal suit and injury.

Schedule And Plan 

One’s ability to successfully deliver a construction project is down to meticulous planning and scheduling beforehand. To achieve this, ensure that every resource that you require to carry out your plan is available and finalised in order to finish the project on schedule. Every stage of the project requires materials, equipment, and tools and it’s essential to ensure that everything is available for employees beforehand. In the planning stage, we recommend setting achievable targets for employees to try and achieve.  .  

Your should be adaptable whenever changes arise that interrupt the normal plan and schedule. Your plan should be relatively fixed to keep the project on schedule, while at the same time be able to adjust to accommodate unexpected circumstances so that the project can go ahead smoothly. 

Keep up with the times

It’s surprising how many people working in construction management who haven’t kept up to date with the changing technologies for construction projects. Some in the industry are still using spreadsheets or written notes to keep track of things like worker hours.

The construction industry is one of the last industries to digitse and have been relatively slow when it comes to adapting to using new technologies for construction projects.

McKinsey & Company has actually identified a lack of progress as one of the seven primary productivity lapses costing the construction industry billions of dollars annually.

It is important to keep up with new innovations to help make a construction project more efficient, cost effective and safer and therefore it is essential to look into adopting new technologies and and educate yourself on them in order to keep up with competing construction companies. 

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