Stacking Up Your Leads With Maple Serac!
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This blog post explains how you can increase your business leads by using Serac Tech that are most certainly, as sweet as maple syrup! We suggest you read this whilst feasting on your pancake stack like we are here at the Serac Tech HQ!

Do you find that you spend the majority of time trawling through planning portals trying to find that perfect double-storey extension, that ideal area of land to acquire or that large loft conversion? Well, we have revolutionised that here at Serac Tech, here’s how: 

Serac Tech streamlines the process of searching through planning portals and picks out the exact type of jobs you are looking for. That is the first step. We can put our powerful algorithms to work by filtering through thousands of new planning applications each week to find the exact results you are looking for. 
Serac Tech is designed to allow you to filter down live and relevant planning applications such as the location, the type of application and the time in which it was put onto the planning portal. Our tech provides you with a new set of results, every week, in a matter of seconds. We keep it simple with our clean display. The tech then forms letters to be sent out to those applications, advertising your services. 

We populate details such as the applicant's name, address and other relevant information into bespoke letters for you to send out and introduce your company. Although some may call this a numbers game. Our tech makes it worth it - easily converting opportunities into jobs. (Yes it is a numbers game but it is worth doing.) In many cases our customers receive an inquiry and secure a job from every 60th-100th letter sent out; and this takes less than 5 minutes using our system. 

What our Customers Are Saying: 

"Serac Tech have helped us grow the business and the brand without having to spend hours each day looking for jobs on construction websites or having to manually track portals ourselves. Now once a week we click a couple of buttons on the computer and the clients come to us. We can't express how helpful their team are, whenever we have needed them they have been right there, as helpful as can be. Thank you SeracTech, and thank you SeracTech team". (Mike D&M Home Projects Ltd, 2022)  
Property developers, land agents, contractors, builders, loft conversion specialists, extension specialists, kitchen suppliers, window suppliers and many more use our system to increase and diversify their amount of business leads weekly. Customers  get notified, track, follow up and make contact with prospective opportunities and the results speak for themselves.




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