Successfully Managing Your Customer Pipeline With Serac Tech
New Feature

Whilst you may already know that our tech enables you to reach out to suitable and potential clients within your area in a matter of seconds, you may not know that we have a way to keep on top of your client relationships and tasks that enable you to win business! 

Our newly implemented customer relationship management tool enables you to keep on track of all potential clients associated with the desired projects. 
After going through opportunities, customers can add tasks to desired opportunities they want to get in touch with. We offer a personalised approach to make sure you can firstly add detailed notes to whatever opportunity you want to reach out to and secondly a given task. This may be for example, to call the architect associated with the project on a set date, or to meet the homeowner in person to deliver them your company brochure and discuss their planning application. 
All tasks can be created for any specific date and will not leave your account until the task is either completed or deleted. This CRM implementation will ensure all applications and tasks are all in one place and that you keep on top of those potential opportunities without worrying about having to set your own reminders. 
95% of our customers who use the CRM implementation have said it has helped them build up meaningful relationships with potential clients, maintain their organisation and helped them to secure the job! 

In summary, whilst it is clear that using Serac Tech aids our customers to find targeted jobs, where they want and when they want it, the implemented CRM system helps streamline that process and win business through an organised and efficient approach. 

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