Serac Tech's Top Tips Whilst Working From Home
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Whilst working from home, the lines between personal time and work can become increasingly blurred and it can be difficult to put some time aside for some self-care and to find that balance...

This blog post will provide you with some of our top tips whilst working at home to keep you healthy both physically and mentally, happy and productive.

1. Establish a routine


It can be easy to fall out of a routine whilst working from home. Having one in place means that your work and personal life don’t end up merging together. Whilst it may be tempting to stay in bed for longer, following a consistent and disciplined sleep pattern will set you up well for each day.

We would also recommend using your typical “commute time” to do something productive. Whether it is reading, exercising or listening to a podcast – these activities will help prep your mind to focus for the day.

Eating breakfast will also provide you with plenty of energy to tackle your day successfully. Here at Serac Tech, we recommend blueberry overnight oats or eggs and avocado on toast! Lastly, when your workday stops, stop working! This is the time to focus on your personal life and switch off.

2. Outdoor Walks


Whilst some people may not be fully comfortable with the idea of returning to gyms, outdoor walks in nature are a great alternative, especially if you don’t want to take long breaks.

Looking at nature has a powerful effect on the brain for both adults and children. Studies have shown that being in nature reduces stress, depression and anxiety. Exercise of any kind enables your body to release endorphins, which improve mood and trigger positive feelings in the body.

This can be a beneficial method of getting kids out of the house too!

3. Meditation


Whether it is five minutes or an hour, meditation is proven to increase focus, self-compassion, mood, immune function and quality of sleep. Trying to take time at the start or end of your day to focus on meditation practices such as breathing and stillness will help your mind detach from any stresses that you may have. This will enable you to hit that reset button you need to re-energise and reinvigorate your mind!

4. Watch a light-hearted TV show/movie.

If you don’t feel like exercising or meditating, watching something light hearted can help you unwind too. Doing this may help take your mind off your busy day and it can provide some much-needed escapism during these tough times. Whatever you enjoy watching that leaves you with that ‘feel good’ feeling will most certainly brighten up your day!

5. Taking up a new hobby

Hobbies force you to take some time for yourself which is essential in these stressful times. If you do not have one or you cannot carry out your hobby due to COVID-19, taking up a new one could be the perfect solution to filling that void.

The great thing about picking up a new hobby is that it provides a brilliant outlet for challenging yourself without the negative stress that may come from any work-related challenges. Once you get into the flow of your hobby, your worries and stresses may ease.

At Serac Tech, we recommend making a miniature indoor garden with different plants near your workspace or making small clay-sculptures. You can purchase a slab of clay cheaply on Amazon!

In Summary..... it is so important to utilise our spare time in ways that benefit our wellbeing and happiness whilst also being productive throughout our work days.

These are just a few top tips that are easy to incorporate into your daily routines whilst working from home.

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