Using Planning Portal Applications To Gain New Work

Using Planning Portal Applications To Gain New Work

Every building job or property development site starts life in the same place - the planning portal.

It's an industry favourite, using the planning portals to look at what is going on in your area, what has been submitted, approved or refused. Many businesses have used the planning portals as a starting point to canvas for new work for many years, but we have changed that process

We've streamlined that whole process, here's how:

From property developers looking for development sites, to main contractors looking for loft conversions, the planning portals are a great place to look for work. The question is, how do we use this useful data to produce actual tangible results? SeracTech is the answer to that.

SeracTech streamlines the process of searching through planning portals and picks out the exact type of jobs you are looking for. That is the first step. We can put our powerful algorithms to work by filtering through thousands of new planning applications each week to find the exact results you are looking for. You may specialise in supplying digital advertising signage, something very niche when it comes to planning applications; in fact they are roughly 1 in 1000. The process of manually finding those useful ones would take days, but with SeracTech, it's instant.

SeracTech is designed to allow our you to filter down live and relevant planning applications in seconds and form letters to be sent out to those applications, advertising your services. We populate details such as the applicants name, address and other relevant information into bespoke letters for you to send out and introduce your company. Yes it is a numbers game but it sure is worth doing. In many cases our customers receive an inquiry and secure a job from every 100th letter sent out; and this takes less than 5 minutes using our system.

Property developers, land agents, contractors, builders, loft conversion specialists, extension specialists, kitchen suppliers, window suppliers and many more use our system weekly to get notified, track, followup and make contact with prospective opportunities. Our customers use our software to search through planning applications and portals to auto generate outreach letters and the results are amazing.

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