Why is Customer Care So Important to us?
“We are not competitor obsessed, we are customer obsessed. We start with what the customer needs and work backwards” Jeff Bezoz

Just like this famous Jeff Bezoz quote, here at Serac Tech, our customers are at the forefront of our vision, our strategy and our values. 


We value taking care of our customers to ensure we can make their lives as easy as possible and so they can succeed in utilising our platform.

What is customer success? 

Customer success is any effort a business undertakes that’s aimed at helping their customers be more successful, both with their product and more generally throughout their customer journey.

Customer success teams take a proactive, data-led approach to helping customers more effectively use a product. Customer success works to proactively predict and consequently solve customer problems before they arise.

What does success mean for us? 

Here at Serac Tech, we strive to obsess over ensuring our customers succeed. If we ensure our customers do well, we all do well. Simple. Success for us means that our customers feel satisfied throughout their customer lifecycle and that they are utilising our platform in a way that truly benefits them. 

What is unique about our approach? 

As a young company we pride ourselves on our after-care and marketing, and we go that extra mile for our clients. We personally work alongside our clients once they have signed up, and assist in everything they could possibly want help with - from creating brand new logos to letter templates, and any other assets they might need.

Similarly, we offer support by formatting a strategy and approach with our partners to ensure they feel they represent their company in the correct manner.

What our Customers Say 

"We’ve been using SeracTech for just over 6 weeks and have already seen an increase in new leads. SeracTech is quick & easy to use, saving us hours of combing through various planning portals. The SeracTech team are always on hand and ready to help if there’s ever a question or query." Kirsty Humphreys, Morespace. 
"Having been involved with SeracTech since launch, I find the system very user friendly and efficient. It saves me hours of time, helping to identify opportunities needed within my role. The team have been fantastic in supporting our needs as we got to grips using the system." Max Evans, Regional Land Manager at SpicerHaart
Overall, as this blog has highlighted - customer care is the forefront of Serac Tech. Here we have explicitly seen how Serac Tech was moulded around the viewpoint from the customer’s needs and existing problems - solving them one customer at a time...!




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