Working From Home, Do We Think It's Good?

We have joined the hundreds of thousands working from home.

Working from home poses many questions for many people. The pandemic has changed its perception and has turned it into a completely normal way of working.

How have we adapted...

Being a technology company, a lot of what we do and how we work meant that adapting to work from home was relatively easy and quick. Like many other technology companies, we utilise certain tools to communicate and collaborate online, in a not too similar way we would in the office.

We have learnt and underpinned our work through zoom calls upon zoom calls and other group communication platform. The ease of working remotely means that for now we work from home, but in essence we are set up in a way that means we can work remotely from anywhere. All we pretty much need is a few sets of login details, a computer and a good wifi connection!

The pros of working from home,

Many elements which seem amazingly appealing at first, soon end up losing their novelty. Then there are the obvious advantages of working from home, we have found that the saving of£4.50 per day from not buying a coffee at 8am is at the top of the list!

Serac Tech being accessible from anywhere.

The Serac Tech platform is at the centre of everything we do on a daily basis, and like it is to our customers, it is accessible to us from any computer, anywhere in the world. This allows you to form your outreaches from your office, on your mobile on the train or sitting on a beach somewhere else in the world...

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