How Serac Tech helps Belvedere reach their targets

Introduction to Belvedere

Chris from Belvedere shares how Serac Tech has transformed his business. Chris, the driving force behind Belvedere, provides insights into their specialisation in high-end new builds, extensions, and refurbishments. Operating in various regions, including the Home Counties and London, Belvedere has rapidly expanded from managing a few sites to overseeing seven projects at once. Chris takes us through his weekly routine of using Serac Tech, highlighting its role in generating new leads and streamlining operations. He also reveals a couple of success stories, showcasing the tangible impact of Serac Tech's solutions. Join us as we delve into Chris's journey and discover how Serac Tech has played a pivotal role in Belvedere's growth and achievements.

"Since using Serac Tech, we've seen remarkable growth in our business. It's transformed how we find and manage leads, resulting in a substantial increase in solid projects. Serac Tech's efficiency and effectiveness are truly impressive."

How you use Serac Tech to aid your business on a daily basis?

Chris utilises Serac Tech on a weekly basis to manage his construction projects efficiently. He logs in regularly to review around 200 plans based on his filters, keeping an eye on approximately 250 applications. With Serac Tech, he's generated 1483 new leads, helping him connect with potential clients and secure high-quality projects.

Few success stories from the time using Serac Tech system

Chris highlighted that "Embracing Serac Tech has proven to be a pivotal decision for us. Their platform is more than just a tool – it's a driving force behind our success. By leveraging Serac Tech's capabilities, we've not only acquired valuable leads but also witnessed remarkable growth. The impact of Serac Tech on our business landscape is profound, and we genuinely appreciate their role in our achievements."

Success Snapshot

How do their numbers stack up?

Sent out 1483+ letters

25+ Leeds every year

Covers London + Outer London