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How Serac Tech helps Simply Easy Refurbs to win projects

Introducing Sebastian from Simply Easy Refurbs

Sebastian Grayson, Co-founder of Simple Easy Refurbs, highlights their impressive partnership with Serac Tech, resulting in a consistent win rate of at least ten projects a year. The platform's targeted marketing approach has enabled them to effectively reach their desired audience, making it a no-brainer choice for their business growth.

"Serac Tech have been great from the beginning... They seemed very innovative. Modern tech seemed good. Customer service seemed really good as well. The way that they helped us with our initial letters and stuff... it's been great."

How did you integrate the system into your routine?

Every Monday, Sebastian engages with the platform, handpicking around 90 relevant opportunities, which are then printed, signed, and passed to the administrator for distribution. This streamlined process ensures precision in targeting the loft conversion and extension market. Under Serac Tech guidance, they transitioned from covering a few boroughs to serving all of London, fueling their rapid expansion. Their longstanding two-and-a-half-year partnership underscores Serac Tech innovation and effectiveness in driving results for businesses.

How would you describe your experience using Serac Tech?

Sebastian praises Serac Tech's excellence from the start, emphasising their innovation, modern technology, and exceptional customer service. With a two-and-a-half-year collaboration, he highlights Serac Tech's effectiveness in targeting their loft conversions and extensions market, streamlining operations, and fostering growth. Sebastian underscores the importance of technology for efficiency and credits Serac Tech for their continued expansion. He expresses enthusiasm for their ongoing partnership and showcasing their projects.

Success Snapshot

How do their numbers stack up?

Got over 100 projects

Doubled in size

Covering entire London