Good Design & Build

How Serac Tech helps Good Design & Build to win projects

Introducing Good Design & Build

Good Design and Build is a multidisciplinary firm offering end-to-end architectural and construction services, showcasing a strong emphasis on efficient lead acquisition. Zane and Amol from Good Design and Build told us how their Serac Tech lead acquisition system has transformed their business. With a 10-month track record, the system has outperformed other sources by delivering 10% conversion from 150-160 weekly letters sent out. This translates to 15-20 warm and qualified inquiries per week, significantly boosting their project pipeline. The system provides planning application data for ongoing projects, enabling accurate estimates and successful contract bids. This interview underscores how the system has become pivotal in their growth strategy.

"Using Serac Tech, we're acquiring much more qualified and warm leads than any other source we currently use."

How do you use the system and what benefits you had from it so far?

In his application of the system, he has witnessed a transformative shift in lead acquisition methods. Over a span of 10 months, the system consistently furnishes a higher volume of qualified and receptive leads compared to alternative sources. This streamlined approach enables efficient identification of potential projects and engagement with genuinely interested clients. The system's provision of valuable planning application data empowers accurate estimations and confident contract acquisition. This dynamic strategy not only enhances workflow efficiency but also significantly contributes to business growth and accomplishments. Much credit for recent achievements is attributed to the system's capacity to deliver impactful results.

How Has Serac Tech Transformed the Approach to Lead Acquisition and Project Success?

The most significant project, a substantial convergent and internal refurbishment in Telling, valued at approximately a million pounds. Good Design & Build emphasised that the leads they receive from Serac Tech consist of planning applications submitted by owners who are committed to the projects. This certainty enables them to access plans conveniently from the planning portal upon client contact, allowing for accurate estimates. Currently covering around 10 councils in London and Greater London, they send out 150-160 letters weekly, resulting in a remarkable 10% conversion rate and 15-20 weekly inquiries. This high response rate signifies the system's effectiveness, providing them with an impressive return on investment.

Success Snapshot

How do their numbers stack up?

10% Conversion Rate

15-20 Weekly Inquiries

10 Councils Covered