How Serac Tech helps BumbleD to win projects

Introducing BumbleD

In this insightful video interview, Natalia from Serac Tech engages with Cip, the Contracts Manager at BumbleD. With nearly two years of partnership, Chip shares how their collaboration has led to securing approximately six projects, totalling around £2.2 to £2.3 million pounds. They delve into the effective utilisation of Serac Tech's platform, showcasing how it streamlines their processes, boosts business development, and drives their ongoing success in the construction industry.

"We've been working with Serac Tech for almost two years now. So far, we've gotten about six projects with a total value of around £2.2 to £2.3 million. Everything's just simplified for us, and we just want to show a bit of appreciation."

Tell us more about your company

BumbleD, led by Cip, is a versatile construction company with expertise ranging from renovations to new builds. Currently engaged in a high-value platinum refurbishment project valued at around £780,000, they emphasise innovation, even incorporating green roof installations for environmental sustainability. Partnering with Serac Tech has proven transformative, streamlining project identification and engagement.

Success Snapshot

How do their numbers stack up?

Simplified working process

Peaked in £ 2.3 million

Get 3+ projects per year