How Serac Tech helps iGarden reach their targets

Introduction to iGarden

Join us in this insightful conversation with Wayne, the visionary behind iGarden Vision, a pioneering endeavour specialising in contemporary gardens constructed from steel frames. In this interview, Wayne shares his experiences and perspectives on leveraging Serac Tech's platform to enhance brand awareness, secure significant projects, and drive the expansion of iGarden Vision. Discover how technology has seamlessly merged with landscaping artistry to create stunning outdoor spaces.

"Serac Tech's transformative software has been instrumental in propelling our contemporary steel-framed landscaping business to new heights. With its strategic targeting, we secured a £65,000 project within a month, and its weekly integration post-planning approval has yielded responses in days to months. Serac Tech's impact is undeniable, enhancing our brand awareness and reshaping our approach to success."

What your thoughts on Serac Tech?

Wayne mentions Serac Tech's software as a game-changer for their unique contemporary garden construction business. The platform's impact has been significant, helping them gain brand awareness and secure valuable projects. Wayne highlights their remarkable success, including winning a £65,000 job within the first month and effectively targeting specific project types using the platform's capabilities. The seamless integration of Serac Tech into their routine has streamlined their lead generation process, resulting in growth and increased opportunities for their innovative landscaping endeavours.

How Serac Tech fits in your routine?

Wayne integrates Serac Tech seamlessly into their routine by logging in once a week to leverage the platform's capabilities. This strategic approach, often timed right after planning approval, allows them to efficiently introduce themselves to potential clients through letters. Wayne highlights that Serac Tech's software has revolutionised their lead generation process, enabling them to target specific project types and generate remarkable results, such as winning a substantial project within the first month. This streamlined and effective utilisation of Serac Tech has significantly contributed to their business growth and success in the contemporary garden construction industry.

Success Snapshot

How do their numbers stack up?

A month pays off a year

£65k project in first month

Scaling in Business goals