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How Serac Tech helps ESJ Projects reach their targets

Introduce ESJ Projects

Step into the world of ESJ Projects with Pat. From impressive new builds to intricate renovations, ESJ's expertise shines through. In this video interview, Pat shares how Serac Tech has been an essential ally in their journey of securing and excelling in construction projects. Join us to discover how technology and determination combine to shape ESJ's success.

"Serac Tech has helped us a lot in our business. We've grown a lot. We can see all the projects in London, which makes it a lot easier for us to just go and have a look, see what we want, see what we don't want. And, yeah, it's helped us to grow majorly through the software that we use from them. And, yeah, we find them very easy to use as well."

How Serac Tech helped your business?

Pat's remarks shed light on the considerable impact of Serac Tech on his business growth. The platform's ability to grant access and insights into various projects across London has significantly streamlined decision-making processes, enabling effective identification and pursuit of new opportunities. The user-friendly interface has enhanced workflow efficiency, and the software's contribution to the company's success is evident. The gratitude for the platform's support is apparent, underlining the anticipation of continued collaboration for future endeavours.

Success Snapshot

How do their numbers stack up?

Won £1.22 million project

Manage 2+ ongoing project

Covers entire London