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How Luca Extensions wins business through Serac Tech

Join us talking to Luca about winning jobs through Serac Tech

Learn how Luca Extensions thrives in South West London using Serac Tech. We met Luca at his project near Richmond Park, secured through Serac Tech. This job involves a complete house renovation, including a basement, double side and rear extensions, and a loft conversion to create a spacious 5-bedroom house. Discover how Luca Extensions and Serac Tech are transforming spaces effortlessly.

"It's really simple, every Monday I get my laptop, download the paperwork which takes 10 minutes. We receive 50, 70, 40 per week. I have a job that I started on Kew Bridge which I stared this week, this was a from a letter from Serac Tech"

What Luca likes the best of Serac Tech?

Luca discusses Serac Tech's user-friendly approach that resonates with builders. By effortlessly accessing paperwork in just ten minutes, Luca streamlines his workflow, leaving more time for essential tasks. The platform's efficiency has attracted a surge of inquiries and new projects, becoming an indispensable asset for Luca's expanding business. Serac Tech's simplicity empowers builders like Luca to navigate administrative tasks swiftly and focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional construction projects.

How has Serac Tech helped your business?

In response to how Serac Tech has helped his business, Luca highlights its pivotal role. With a simple process that takes mere minutes, Serac Tech enables Luca to manage paperwork and project communication efficiently. This streamlined approach has led to a notable surge in job opportunities, driving his business growth significantly. By simplifying administrative tasks and enhancing his outreach, Serac Tech has become an indispensable asset in Luca's journey toward business success.

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